South Main zoning was carefully crafted to preserve and protect this valuable Historic District. The language of the South Main Historic District Guidelines and original zoning ordinances (go here >>) convey a strong sense of respect and appreciation for this irreplaceable Historic District.

Recent changes to the ordinances leave the District vulnerable — threatening what took decades of dedication to protect, restore and build. At risk are individual property values, the value of the entire District, public perception of our businesses and our brand, the ability to attract vistors with discretionary income, the ability to attract quality businesses, the future of the Historic District.

The city continues to dilute and undo fundamental Historic District neighborhood protections and principles, to dismiss the voices and monumental efforts of those who spent decades in restoration, preservation and protection of the District:

Historic District zoning changed to allow the display of merchandise outdoors: stacked 4' high on sidewalk with a 44" path, affixed to facades and shutters, may cover 50% of yard. South Main Preservation Society and Old Town Neighborhood Association opposed as the ambience and appearance of the South Main Historic District is a primary draw for visitors and a critical point of protecting and preserving Historic District integrity. The bill in favor of displaying outdoor merchandise in the Historic District passed Council with 1 dissenting vote by our Ward 2 Councilman. See info >>

Historic District zoning changed to allow banquet centers in LMPD zoning south of Boone's Lick. The zoning change was opposed by South Main Preservation Society due to concerns on the impact of large-scale alcohol-related businesses and nightlife on quality of life and South Main Historic District integrity and character.

Historic District zoning changed to allow live music in Historic District businesses with liquor licenses until 8pm outdoors and 9pm indoors. South Main Preservation Society opposed with concerns for the impact on quality of life and neighborhood character due to music and nighttime drinking activities in our mixed use Historic District neighborhood. See info >>