The MISSOURI RIVERFRONT CONCEPT PLAN of May 2004 presents development concepts for an eight mile section of the Riverfront which includes the Bishop’s Landing site. Developed as a concept plan reflecting accumulated citizen input and reciting Comprehensive Plan goals, it expresses several general ideas, but establishes clearly “Scale and architectural style of any redevelopment should carry-forth the visual qualities and image found along Main Street.”


• Riverfront development strategies should be sensitive to the historic qualities along Main Street~ (p12)

• ~new investments reflect the scale and character exhibited along Main Street (p20)

• Scale and architectural style of any redevelopment initiative should carry-forth the visual qualities and image found along Main Street. (p20)

• Supporting Riverfront Initiatives: Preserves qualities of Historic Main Street (p44)

• Goal: Enhance the historical heritage of the City through neighborhood preservation efforts and specialized neighborhood or corridor planning. (p44)

• Preservation and building upon the historical qualities of St. Charles is a key goal of the Comprehensive Plan and the Riverfront Concept. (p44)

• Goal: Increase the public’s understanding of participation in and appreciation for the City’s heritage and historic preservation efforts. (p45)

• Modifications to land use and zoning practices reinforce the overall strategy of creating riverfront villages, guiding diverse development types in appropriate locations to further strong historic districts~ (p45)

• Primarily, these (superimposed) district designations protect historic structures, monuments, historic features, and their surroundings from non-compatible land uses. In addition, they provide some measure of protection for these areas through an application and review process to ensure construction, alterations, and additions complement the established character. (p49)