Market Day

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A 19th Century Gathering in St. Charles

Carolyn Whetzel has brought Living History to Main Street since 1994; Time Traveler did not receive CVB funding for 2010 and Living History is canceled. Carolyn and dedicated participants of Living History are now generously volunteering their time and talents to provide a one-day presentation of a 1820 period MARKET DAY. The event is designed to encourage audience interaction and participation. Thank you, Carolyn.

The Market Day will be presented from 11:00am to 4:00pm at the Historic Borromeo Log Church on May 22, 2010. Presenters will be men and women representing the culturally diverse population that was St. Charles in the 19th century, and include tradesmen, musicians, storytellers and period vendors. The vendors -  merchants, farmers, and villagers – will have period items for sale: salt, treenware, fleece, produce, iron work, tinware, painted floor cloths, and the rare book or journal. For contrast with the locally produced hand made items, one merchant will display imported items he has just received by boat: china dishes, tea bricks, cloth, straw hats, and writing instruments. 

The setting creates an interactive theater that allows the visitor to barter, to buy land, to enlist in the militia, to employ a gentleman to write a letter home, to have their fortune told, and to buy a piece of history to take home.

Also on May 22:

John Bielck is a visual artist who has recreated the 18th and 19th century tools, paint, and materials used for the traditional trades of bookbinding and paper marbling. John will conduct two two-hour paper-marbleing workshops on Saturday, May 22 sponsored by the Log Church.  Participants will be introduced to the art of marbling, guided through the process, and will create their own marbled greeting cards to take home. John teaches and demonstrates marbling at historical sites across the county. Classes begin at 10:00am and 1:30pm. The fee is $40 at the door, $35 in advance. Attendance is limited to 8 participants per class. Call 636-940-8099 to register.