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Planning & Zoning Commission Members:

The foundational strength of the Historic District established by early planners, the comprehensive efforts of Urban Renewal, and the dedication of a ‘leap of faith’ pack of preservationists were only the beginning. A comprehensive plan outlining a path toward future goals and against which every decision is measured is long over-due and critical for long-term survival and achievement.

Lower standards will not enhance property values, will not add positively to our reputation, will not attract quality customers, merchants and residents. Ask any real estate agent about the impact of clutter in a neighborhood. Most towns legislate to avoid clutter; it is proposed that we legislate for clutter stacked on Historic District sidewalks, hung on exterior walls and shutters and spread over lawns in the most visible, first impression neighborhood in St. Charles.

A presented alternative is completely ignored by the proposed legislation before you. See the proposed alternative and video here:

In any combination, the specified number of path inches, percentage of yard and wall coverage, and height limit of stacked merchandise adds up to degradation, obstruction, liability and a diminishment of protections in place i.e. the Landmarks Board, Guidelines, Historic District zoning.

Read Archie’s opinion here:

Remember Bill Baggerman…councilman, South Main resident? He always spoke of the fragility of the Historic District. It was true then and true today: Careless decisions can change the course and limit potential forever. Do we choose to make successive compromising decisions, or do we define principles and goals in the context of a comprehensive plan and form decisions within a plan that considers the impact on all aspects for the long-term.

Please view the proposed legislation and the proposed alternative as points to be considered within a larger full spectrum vision of our Historic District future. This is a crossroads irreversible decision for the Historic District image. As such, we ask the Planning and Zoning Commission to support a comprehensive plan for the Historic District as a prerequisite for consideration of this and other changes in carefully crafted Historic District legislation.

Thank you,

Holly Haddox
South Main Preservation Society


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