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To whom it may concern:

The very reason people come to the Historic District of St.Charles is the net result of the Preservation movement. It's the old buildings that have captured some of the past when times were simpler and merchants were friendly, as well as, knowledgeable. You can catch a breeze coming from the Missouri River and walk the street of times gone by. It has an ambiance all its own. The draw has nothing to do with merchandise, its the nostalgia. The majority of the merchandise can be had online at a cheaper price. People long for a place where they can experience the history of a friendly American small town atmosphere. It holds such a broad appeal to the public that theme parks try in vain to duplicate it.

The South Main preservation work and its accomplishments are a beautiful testimony. There will always be naysayers among us. Pay no attention, people come from all over just to be able to spend a single day or even a few hours on main street. It's a lovely creation that we can truly be proud to leave to our children and grandchildren. This bill begs the following questions:

(1) Why would you deliberately deface the integrity of our Historic District when it is one of the essential attributes for being listed on the National Register of Historic Places?

(2) Why would you willingly place items in a public walkway to create a trip hazard when it is the statutory duty to abate this hazard?


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