The COMPREHENSIVE PLAN 2002 has as its first goal , “Strengthen the City’s Existing Historic Districts”, and in explanation states that “As the city seeks to preserve and enhance its historical heritage in the future, it must take care to ensure that the existing historic districts continue to prosper and flourish.”

A second stated goal is to “Enhance the Historical Heritage of the City through Neighborhood Preservation”.


• The City’s historic charm has continued to be a source of community identity and pride. (p9)

• Goal: Strengthen the city’s existing historic districts. (p39)

• Goal: Enhance the city’s historical heritage through neighborhood preservation efforts and specialized neighborhood or corridor planning. (p39)

• Goal: increase the public’s understanding of, participation in and appreciation for the city’s heritage and historic preservation efforts. (p39)

• In 2002, St. Charles has taken many significant steps to protect, preserve and enhance its historical heritage. This comprehensive plan calls on the citizens of St. Charles to strengthen and expand those efforts to ensure that the rich history of the community is forever protected and preserved. Our history defines who we are and how we became the community we are today. Our heritage gives us a guidepost for planning the future of the city. The preservation and enhancement of our historical heritage is an essential component of this plan and the city’s future. To accomplish that preservation and enhancement, this comprehensive plan adopts the following goals. —Goal: Strengthen the City’s Existing Historic Districts: The foundation of St. Charles’ historic preservation efforts has been, and likely will remain, the city’s established historic preservation districts. These neighborhoods are the oldest in the city. They are where the city was born and where it experienced the initial stages of growth. They contain the majority of the city’s historic structures. They have property owners associations that play active roles in the development of their neighborhoods. The City has adopted strict historic preservation standards and guidelines for these areas. As the city seeks to preserve and enhance its historical heritage in the future, it must take care to ensure that the existing historic districts continue to prosper and flourish. Toward that end, this comprehensive plan recommends the following actions. ~Review the design standards for all historic preservation districts to identify regulations needing revision or improvement~ (p40-41)

• Vision Statement: to preserve and enhance our rich historical heritage (p44)

• The vision statement declares that the future of St. Charles depends upon three basic, crucial elements: preserving and enhancing the city’s historical heritage~ (p74)

• ~forces those in positions of responsibility to examine a proposal and consider its appropriateness to the location and its compatibility with the land uses that surround it. (p75)

• It seeks to preserve the city’s priceless heritage~ (p75)

• Goal: Insist that elected and appointed city officials, city staff and citizen members of all city advisory boards become familiar with the adopted comprehensive plan and that they use it when making recommendations and decisions. (p77)

• Require that any deviation from the land use philosophy and principles contained in the comprehensive plan be explained and justified in the appropriate official record. (p77)