It is the anchors that secure the whole, take the anchors away, the whole fails. South Main is held together by basic anchors (ordinances) that secure the 19th century architectural ambiance. One is tied to the other to make the whole….remove one and the others begin to fail.

• The condition of neighboring properties also affects the value of one's own property: People invest in a neighborhood as much as the individual structure itself and, in historic districts where investment is attracted, property owners recognize that each one benefits from the commitment of their neighbors. (Architectural Design Guidelines for the South Main Street Historic District, p20)

• Riverfront development strategies should be sensitive to the historic qualities along Main Street~ (Riverfront Concept Plan, p12)

• ~ new investments reflect the scale and character exhibited along Main Street (Riverfront Concept Plan, p20)

• Scale and architectural style of any redevelopment initiative should carry-forth the visual qualities and image found along Main Street. (Riverfront Concept Plan, p20)

• Supporting Riverfront Initiatives: Preserves qualities of Historic Main Street (Riverfront Concept Plan, p44)

• Goal: Enhance the historical heritage of the City through neighborhood preservation efforts and specialized neighborhood or corridor planning. (Riverfront Concept Plan, p44)

• Preservation and building upon the historical qualities of St. Charles is a key goal of the Comprehensive Plan and the Riverfront Concept. (Riverfront Concept Plan, p44)

• Goal: Increase the public’s understanding of participation in and appreciation for the City’s heritage and historic preservation efforts. (Riverfront Concept Plan, p45)

• Modifications to land use and zoning practices reinforce the overall strategy of creating riverfront villages, guiding diverse development types in appropriate locations to further strong historic districts ~ (Riverfront Concept Plan, p45)

• Primarily, these (superimposed) district designations protect historic structures, monuments, historic features, and their surroundings from non-compatible land uses. In addition, they provide some measure of protection for these areas through an application and review process to ensure construction, alterations, and additions complement the established character. (Riverfront Concept Plan, p49)

• Enhance the city's historical heritage through neighborhood preservation efforts and specialized neighborhood or corridor planning. (Comprehensive Plan 2002)

• Our history defines who we are and how we became the community we are today. Our heritage gives us a guidepost for planning the future of the city. The preservation and enhancement of our historical heritage is an essential component of this plan and the city's future. (Comprehensive Plan 2002)

• The form, mass and scale seen currently in the District lends itself to a visual continuity which must not be destroyed by alterations, additions or new construction. — New construction projects shall do their best to include such character-defining features so as to become an integral element within the District itself. (Architectural Design Guidelines for the South Main Street Historic District)

• ~ seven goals identified for the district. These goals are to 1) protect the integrity of the Historic District, 2) protect the sense of time and place conveyed by the historic guildings as a collection, 3) promote a sense of identity for the District, 4) protect property values and investments, 5) minimize negative impacts on adjacent properties from inappropriate development, 6) encourage pedestrian activity and 7) convey a sense of human scale. (Architectural Design Guidelines for the South Main Street Historic District, p3)

• (Guidelines) are intended to be a means for balancing the historic qualities of these structures with the demands of contemporary use. (Architectural Design Guidelines for the South Main Street Historic District, p3)



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• Base Zoning District: Historic Commercial District HCD
• Zoning Overlay: South Main Preservation District SMPD
• Zoning Overlay: Landmarks Preservation District LMPD - Waterworks
• Zoning Overlay: Landmarks Preservation Distirct LMPD - Boone's Lick

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• Base Zoning District: Central Business District CBD
• Zoning Overlay: Historic Downtown District HDD

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